Flash Drive Beyond the Classroom Inc. is a not-for-profit registered charity that empowers individuals through a range of programs and services designed to help our community access and learn about technology.

We serve the community of Ballarat and the surrounding region.

We help people to understand computer software, how to dismantle and rebuild computers, and the responsible and sustainable management of eWaste.

We also offer high-quality refurbished computers (along with repair and support) at affordable rates for people who might not normally be able to buy or pay for this type of equipment or services.

Our participants, customers, volunteers, partners and sponsors engage with us from the following groups:

Public and private schools
Disability and Community care organisations
Aged care organisations
Other not-for-profit groups
Corporate partners and sponsors
Local and state government

Our programs are designed to be fun, non-threatening and are based on sound training principles that engage participants through positive experiences. Flash Drive offers flexibility and a supportive environment within a social and friendly atmosphere.

Our services align with our core values – making technology accessible and affordable and making the disposal of technology environmentally sustainable. We provide eWaste management and collection, computer repairs and support and the sale of high-quality refurbished second-hand computers.